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The IT Problem for Small Business

The salary for a full time IT support person can cost in upwards of over $90,000 with taxes and benefits. At companies with over 100 employees (workstations) having this “full time” support starts to make sense as the time needed to address IT issues increases. In the United States there are over 6.2 million small businesses (less than 100 employees) where having full time IT support just isn’t cost effective. There’s simply too little work and too much wasted money having a full time IT employee sitting around the office.

So where does this leave you and your business? Do you find yourself chasing technology headaches when you are supposed to be getting paid to do what you do best; manage and grow your business? AccurIT Systems can provide you the full service IT support your business needs! Just like the big guys but without the big pirce!

Let us help you get back to running your business! Call us Today at 913-451-6777!

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